We’re Sinking Our TEETH into the Offshore Action

The Lady Pamela Sportfishing Team is heading into March by keeping anglers on the fantastic late Winter bite! Our clients are enjoying the most exciting offshore action in all of Southeast Florida: Wahoo, Sailfish, Kingfish, Blackfin Tuna, Barracuda, Amberjacks, Groupers, Snapper and Sharks!

We remain open for business and the entire Lady Pamela Sportfishing Team is in full compliance with all CDC and local health guidelines to do our part to keep everyone healthy.

NOW is the time to book your winter/early spring fishing trip in lovely – and warm – South Florida! Our February, March and April trips are booking up as people look to escape the snow, ice and frozen windmills but also because the State of Florida is one of the few “open” states in the midst of the pandemic. Keep Lady Pamela Sportfishing in mind as you plan your Spring Break travel! Book your trip NOW.


The Wahoo bite continues to be off-the-charts! These striped torpedoes have been so plentiful and big that we’re having to service our drags nearly every day! These fish can turn your reel into molten lava if you’re not careful.

The Late Winter Wahoo bite continues to be epic and our clients are taking full advantage! These toothy, striped torpedoes have been so plentiful and big that our top-notch tackle can barely keep up! These fish can turn your reel into molten lava if you’re not careful. Fortunately, our Lady Pamela Sportfishing crews are well-versed with all things Wahoo and stay in control. Nobody can put you on this bite like Lady Pamela Sportfishing!

Wahoos have been crushing slow-trolled live “bullet” Bonitos anywhere from 150 to 400 feet of water, along the clean water edges. The Wahoos have also responded well to our strip baits trolled below the surface on planers and Islanders rigged with horse ballyhoo in both the blue/white and red/black color combinations.



Our clients caught and released a mammoth, monstrous and legendary Great White Shark! These fearsome predators have captured our collective imaginations since Peter Benchley’s Jaws hit the shelves and became the first true Summer Blockbuster Movie in history.

We were fishing in approximately 400 feet of water offshore with live and dead Bonitos when the Great White pounced. Our clients – and crew – fought this big girl for more than an hour and a half but they prevailed. We then released her at boatside as Great Whites are protected species.

We estimated the Great White to be 15 feet in length and in excess of 1,300 pounds! This was a rare catch indeed but you never know what can eat our meticulously-rigged baits off of South Florida.


Check out this Mako Shark that our clients caught! This is a rare catch and Makos are some of the most acrobatic Sharks to prowl our deep, offshore waters!


There are other apex Sharks prowling our waters, too. We’ve also been catching fearsome Tiger Sharks too on our dedicated Private and Shared Charter Trips. Give us a call for more details on our Shark Fishing adventures.


Considered by many to be one of the meanest Sharks in the sea, Bull Sharks are nasty and have attitude. We’re also catching huge Bull Sharks on our Shark Fishing trips and they are giving our clients a run for their money!

As you can see, the Shark Fishing off of South Florida is world-class and needs only one thing to get even better: YOU! Let us put you on the Shark catch of a lifetime. And, no, we won’t need a bigger boat.


We’re also seeing an incredible Hammerhead Shark bite to boot!


Recent cold fronts (cold for us down here) have brought windy conditions, which are perfect for Sailfishing. The Sailfish are frisky and up on the reefs showering up schools of Ballyhoo. Our clients have been putting up big numbers of Sailfish catches and releases as our Fleet focuses almost exclusively on fishing live baits underneath our fishing kites.

We really love to show our clients the art of Kite fishing. Kite fishing is a truly amazing and engaging experience as you get to see the Sailfish AS THEY EAT the bait. Nothing gets the blood pumping like watching a double- or triple-header Sailfish bite up on the surface.We can fish up to three (3) live baits per kite, with at least two (2) kites up at any one time. We’re fishing between 60 and 250 feet of water.

kite fishing

When there is not enough wind to keep the kites in the air, we can also slow troll live baits such as Ballyhoo and Goggle Eyes as well as troll our specially-crafted mullet strips. When we’re trolling live Ballyhoo, the occasional White Marlin shows up in the spread, just to make life REALLY interesting.


King Mackerel (‘Kingfish”) and Barracuda continue to sharpen their teeth up on the reef. Like Sailfish, Kingfish absolutely love to crush a live bait suspended beneath our kites. Kingfish have teeth that are more like surgical scalpels and they fight hard, which is why we call them “smokers” – they will smoke your drag on scorching runs once they’re hooked. We have to fish wire leaders to make sure we don’t miss these acrobatic bites.

The Barracuda are lurking on the reefs to ambush the unsuspecting baits as well. Check out the huge Barracuda that one of our junior anglers tamed below!


We’ve also been on a steady Amberjack bite over the wrecks and these “reef donkeys” are huge! Amberjacks NEVER give up and are absolute sluggers! If you want to get into a tug-of-war, give us a call to get out and tangle with these juggernauts!


The cold fronts and moon phases continue to sustain the best Grouper action that we’ve seen in a long time! We’re catching all Grouper species, including Blacks, Nassau Groupers and others!

We’ve also been catching some huge snappers like this beast of a Cubera Snapper!


At Lady Pamela Sportfishing, we also offer specialty Daytime Swordfishing charters and Deep Dropping charters for various deep-water species like tilefish, snappers and groupers!

Give us a call for more details about these bucket list specialty charters!


The Lois Ann has been guiding our customers to catches all along the water column: From Kingfish and Bonitos on the top to Red and Black Groupers and Vermilion Snappers on the bottom -and everything in-between including Barracuda and Amberjacks.

For only $65, come on aboard and gain access to some of the hardest-fighting and tastiest fish that swim. We’re the best fishing value in all of South Florida! Remember all ages and experience levels are always welcome. We have a captain and mate on board to help you at all times. We also have one of the cleanest vessels in the southeastern US and we have a fully-stocked galley to keep you hydrated and well-fed!

lois ann boat

Keep in mind that the Lois Ann is limited to a certain number of anglers per trip due to CDC guidelines. This is great news for YOU as you have plenty of room to fish multiple lines! Book a trip NOW to get in on this amazing action after the sun goes down.

Tight Lines!
Captain David