This morning, I took the helm of our largest boat and set sail at 10 knots loaded with 9000 pounds of relief supplies and vessel in tow.  We will be pulling into the harbor about this time tomorrow and give everyone an update on on social media.  

As a kid growing up, my family and I spent a lot of time in the Bahamas. We have made lots of close friends that we now call family that live over there.  We are going to continue to bring supplies to help them rebuild and get their lives back asap.

Thank you very much to all those that donated to our GO FUND ME page to help us buy more supplies.  And if you still want to Donate, we plan to make more runs over.  Help us reach our goal.  You may also drop off supplies at our Marina.

On this run, we are bringing over:

Poly sheeting, staple guns, staples, work gloves, water purification tablets, bug spray, sunscreen, double AA and triple AAA batteries, first aid kits, non-perishable foods, toiletries/ garments, heavy duty garbage bags, cordless drills, nails, generators, extension cords, dog food, fuel cans, air mattresses, cordless air pumps, duct tape, and battery operated lanterns. 

And special thanks to: 

Executive Hardware , Dan , and Big j for supply’s for GTC we got 4 hammer drills , 8 gas cans , two buckets of drywall screws, 18 tarps 20×30 , 18 flashlights, 5 100 foot extension cords

Tight Lines,
Captain David

P.S.   It is dead calm out here and our Sportfishing boats are running trips out of Fort Lauderdale this weekend.