Swap the Cold for Thrilling Offshore Fishing Excitement in Sunny South Florida!

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The Lady Pamela Sportfishing  Team is riding high into February, delivering thrilling offshore experiences in Southeast Florida. Our guests are reveling in spectacular catches including Wahoo, Sailfish, Kingfish, Blackfin Tuna, Barracuda, Groupers, Snapper, and Sharks!

We’re excited to announce that we’re fully operational, adhering strictly to all CDC and local health guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

This is the perfect time to schedule your winter or early spring fishing adventure in the beautiful, balmy South Florida! Our February and March slots are filling quickly, not just for those fleeing the northern chill, but also because Florida remains welcoming amidst the pandemic.


The Wahoo action is unprecedented, both in frequency and size. Their abundance is keeping our gear in constant need of maintenance – these fish are a real challenge for any angler!

These speedy fish are aggressively hitting slow-trolled live “bullet” Bonitos in depths from 150 to 400 feet, particularly near clear water demarcations. They’re also biting enthusiastically on strip baits and Islanders paired with horse ballyhoo, especially in blue/white and red/black hues.

Wahoos have been crushing slow-trolled live “bullet” Bonitos anywhere from 150 to 400 feet of water, along the clean water edges. The Wahoos have also responded well to our strip baits trolled below the surface on planers and Islanders rigged with horse ballyhoo in both the blue/white and red/black color combinations.


Recent weather patterns have created ideal conditions for Sailfish, who are actively feeding on Ballyhoo along the reefs. Our clients are enjoying remarkable Sailfish catch-and-release numbers, thanks to our focus on live bait kite fishing.

Kite fishing offers a unique and thrilling way to fish, allowing you to witness Sailfish striking the bait right at the surface. We use up to three live baits per kite and usually fly two kites, targeting depths between 60 and 250 feet.

In calmer conditions, we also engage in slow trolling with live baits like Ballyhoo and Goggle Eyes, or our special mullet strips. This often attracts the elusive White Marlin, adding an extra thrill to the experience.

kite fishing

When there is not enough wind to keep the kites in the air, we can also slow troll live baits such as Ballyhoo and Goggle Eyes as well as troll our specially-crafted mullet strips. When we’re trolling live Ballyhoo, the occasional White Marlin shows up in the spread, just to make life REALLY interesting.


King Mackerel and Barracudas are making waves on the reef. Kingfish, with their razor-like teeth, are known for their intense fights, earning them the nickname “smokers.” We use wire leaders to ensure a successful catch. Meanwhile, Barracudas are also making their presence felt, often resulting in impressive double catches.

The Barracuda are lurking on the reefs to ambush the unsuspecting baits as well. Check out the double-header Barracuda catch above!


The Amberjack bite over the wrecks is intense, offering anglers a tough battle, perfect for those seeking a serious challenge.


The recent weather patterns have also stirred up an excellent Grouper bite, with various species being caught regularly.


swordfish ft lauderdale

At Lady Pamela Sportfishing, we’re excited to offer specialized Daytime Swordfishing and Deep Dropping charters, targeting deep-water species like tilefish, snappers, and groupers. Contact us for more information on these unique fishing experiences.

Give us a call for more details about these bucket list specialty charters!


The Lois Ann has been guiding our customers to catches all along the water column: From Kingfish and Bonitos on the top to Red and Black Groupers and Vermilion Snappers on the bottom -and everything in-between including Barracuda and Amberjacks.

For a LIMITED TIME only $59.99, come on aboard and gain access to some of the hardest-fighting and tastiest fish that swim. We’re the best fishing value in all of South Florida! Remember all ages and experience levels are always welcome. We have a captain and mate on board to help you at all times. We also have one of the cleanest vessels in the southeastern US and we have a fully-stocked galley to keep you hydrated and well-fed!

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Keep in mind that the Lois Ann is limited to a certain number of anglers per trip due to CDC guidelines. This is great news for YOU as you have plenty of room to fish multiple lines! Book a trip NOW to get in on this amazing action after the sun goes down.

Tight Lines!
Captain David