MahiMahi Fishing

Lady Pamela II sportfishing has seen some excellent mahi-mahi action the past week or so, with big schools of fish from as close to a mile offshore of the Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood area all the way out to 20 miles. My captains are on the lookout for birds, weedlines, or debris as prime indicators of possible fish. One of our anglers aboard our driftboat Lois Ann was even lucky enough to land a mahi. Our wily angler was free-lining a surface bait while also fishing another line on the bottom for snapper.

500-1000 feet of water this week
when you find these bird a lot of the time it means mahi
There have been a few blackfin tuna caught on the troll in about 120 feet of water, and the shark fishing has really picked up. Over the last week the Lady Pamela II sportfishing boats caught a hammerhead, a sandbar shark, and a bull shark. The highlight of the week though was a small tiger shark! In honor of the Discovery Channel’s July shark week series look for some of my upcoming reports to focus on the popular game sharks found in our south Florida waters.
Mahi Mahi Fishing
we caught these fish in 700 feet of water on little tuna birds
William Hayes a Miami Dolphins Player
Tight Lines
Capt. David Ide
Lady Pamela 2 Sport Fishing