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Fishing Is red Hot Come Fishing On The lady Pamela 2

December 26, 2011

December 20, 2011


Today we had an all day eight hour swordfishing trip. The seas were running 4-6 feet so we had to troll on the way to the swordfishing grounds. For the first two plus hours we never got a bite, and Eric and his father were looking disappointed, but we were sure we were going to catch them some fish. At about 5 hours into the trip, and about 11 miles offshore, we found a piece of bamboo floating in the water, and it was alive. Every few years you find a tree or other floating debris, and it has fish all over it. Today was that day and it was on fire! As we made pout first pass, the wahoo were jumping all over the surface, and bit off all of our rigs. Darin quickly re-rigged with wire leaders and we made another pass. We were catching wahoo and mahi-mahi left and right. It was amazing! We caught a 35lb mahi-mahi and a few 25lb wahoo. We ended up catching 8 wahoo and 8 mahi-mahi in 20 minutes beneath that one piece of bamboo. We eventually made it to the swordfish grounds and made our first drop in 1700 feet of water, with no bites. By this time our charter had enough of the rough seas and we called it a day. Why not, we had already landed an incredible sixteen big fish! Way to go Eric!


December 23, 2011


Our client Arthur had booked a fishing trip with us last June, but with a death in his family, he had to cancel. He paid for the trip and said he would come back. Well, Arthur called the other day and was ready to go fishing in the afternoon. We started the trip out by catching some bullet bonitos, as Arthur wanted to catch his own live baits. Amazingly, as we were catching the bonitos, a sailfish swam up and tried to eat one of the baits! Mate Pauli, the fastest guy you have ever seen, hooked a live bonito on a spinning rod and quickly cast it out. We hooked up the sailfish and it was off to the races. The fish dumped a lot of line, so I started backing down fastUnfortunately, there was another boat trolling nearby and snagged our line, cutting the sailfish off. Pauli was fit to be tied, but there was nothing we could do. We went back to catching the rest of our baits and set up our spread. Around 2 hours into the trip we caught a 40lb kingfish, one of the biggest ones I have ever caught. It was a monster, and if we had been tournament fishing, it could have been a winner! We rounded out the trip by hooking up a monster sailfish that we got all the way to the boat. I sure was glad to see that our earlier sailfishing misfortune hadn’t jinxed us for the whole trip!

Huge Kingfish Lady Pamela 2

Sailfish on the Lady Pamela 4

Tight Lines,


Capt David Ide


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What An Adventure!

I never leave reviews, but we had such a good time, I wanted to share with others. Captain David and his guys are top notch, you can tell as soon as you pull up that you have booked a great trip. We went out with them in April 2015 and we were told this was one of the best months for fishing off South Florida. The captain decided to fly kites (amazing!) to dangle baits so that the fish can’t see the hooks. I have never seen this, but it was amazing to see them do it. Within a few minutes we had a first sailfish on and then another hit. A double header! We landed both fish and the day went on just like that. We were watching the baits dangle on the surface all day.  Other boats in the area were “trolling” and weren’t catching any. David said it was because the water was so clear that it was important to kite fish.  I highly recommend booking them.

Todd Yurke