Quarterback Elvis Grbac Fishing in Fort Lauderdale - Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Quarterback Elvis Grbac Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

April 16, 2012

Today Mike and I had two half day charters on the Lady Pamela IV. On the morning charter we had retired NFL quarterback Elvis Grbac and his family out fishing for a four hour trip. We caught a few live baits then went to a shipwreck about 5 miles north of Port Everglades inlet. We baited the rods and on the first drop on the shipwreck we hooked a massive fish. Elvis’s son had a great fight on his hands, but he finally brought in a huge amberjack. We trolled around for another hour or so with no more bites, and then tried a few hours of sharkfishing. The amberjack ended up being our only bite but at least we caught a nice one.



On the afternoon charter Mike and I caught some more live baits and then trolled for a few hours with no bites. We moved out into 350 feet of water and sat there for three hours, again with no success. It was just about time to reel everything up and go home when the mid bait rod bent over and we were hooked up.



Caitlyn, our 17 year old angler out with her father fought the mystery fish for a good 30 minutes before we caught a glimpse of a huge Mako shark. These are open ocean sharks that are only occasionally found closer to shore, so this was an exciting catch. Makos feed on swordfish, and we have been catching some swords during our nighttime swordfishing trips, so that may explain the presence of Makos in the area. This fish was a beauty, tipping the scales at 300 lbs and measuring over 8 ½ feet. Way to go Caitlyn!

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Awesome Trip!

I took my 3 kids out with Captain David and Crew for a day of fishing in Miami. Upon arriving we were greeted by a beautiful marina and the captain was ready to go. We had the opportunity to catch some bait and the mate through the cast net a few times while my kids helped load them into the baitwell. We were fishing within 10 minutes and the action was great. I was just happy to share this with my kids, but Captain David went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend you book Lady Pamela. We will be back!

Brian W.