Fort Lauderdale Tiger Shark Fishing

October 9, 2012

October 3, 2012

The word for today is spectacular, because that’s how the fishing was. Captain Darin and Captain JJ each had charters today that included some spectacular big game sharkfishing. They started both trips by trolling for food fish and the trolling has been great, knock on wood. Some nice blackfin tunas, kingfish, a few mahi-mahi and some wahoo were landed on both trips today.

After catching enough fish to eat, the crew went sharkfishing. They fished three deeper baits and a live surface bait that got hit by a sailfish as soon as they set up. The sailfish bite was exciting, but after one jump it was off. The crew waited another thirty minutes before the bottom bait, 350 feet down got a hit. Captain JJ gunned the boat ahead and set the hook on what turned out to be another monster tiger shark. I’ve been fishing out here for a long time and only caught one of these sharks and this week we have caught two tigers! These fish are now protected in both state and federal waters, so after some pictures the fish was released.

Tony The Tiger

The action on the afternoon charter was similar to the morning. After catching some food fish they went sharkfishing. This time the bite was on the mid-depth bait, down about 150 feet. Angler Mike and his girlfriend fought this tough shark for over 1 hour. It turned out to be a bigeye thresher shark which was a surprise as these fish normally stay in very deep water during the day. They are some of the hardest fighting fish around because of their long tail that can be almost half their body length. Mike and his girlfriend sure got to experience firsthand how tough these fish are! These fish are also federally protected, so after some great pictures it was released.

Tight Lines,

Capt David Ide


Awesome Trip!

I took my 3 kids out with Captain David and Crew for a day of fishing in Miami. Upon arriving we were greeted by a beautiful marina and the captain was ready to go. We had the opportunity to catch some bait and the mate through the cast net a few times while my kids helped load them into the baitwell. We were fishing within 10 minutes and the action was great. I was just happy to share this with my kids, but Captain David went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend you book Lady Pamela. We will be back!

Brian W.