Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing – Sailfish, Kingfish & Trumpetfish!

October 18, 2010

October 16th, 2010

Barry and his family from Fort Lauderdale came with Paul and I aboard the Lady Pamela II.

Paul was running the boat today. We started out the trip catching some live Bonito around the whistle buoy. We only caught one, so we started trolling with three rigger baits and two planers; one down 40 feet and the other around 60 feet. On the planers, we were using pink/white and green Mylar sea witches with fresh mullet strips. It took the first hour before I got a bite and our first fish was a 10 lb. Kingfish. As the trip went on we slowly picked up some fish a King here a few Bonitos, then Paul hooked up with a nice fish on the top bait. A sailfish and it was jumping all over the ocean.

Barry’s’ friend Mike gets to reel in the Sailfish. It was small, around 5 feet or so. A sailfish always makes the trip exciting. Next, we went out to 600 feet looking for Mahi-Mahi. That did not last long when the guys said, let’s go look for more Kings. As we got back in around 100 feet, we got a strike. Barry reels the fish to the boat and it is a five-foot Trumpet fish. It was awesome. I never saw one like this. It was pretty with all sorts of colors, yellow and neon blues. It was the coolest fish We had ever caught It was amazing.

So, for Barry and Mikes trip total we caught 4 Kings, 1 Sailfish, 2 Bonitos and 1 Trumpetfish.

Fort Lauderdale Sport Fishing - Trumpet fish

Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide



Awesome Trip!

I took my 3 kids out with Captain David and Crew for a day of fishing in Miami. Upon arriving we were greeted by a beautiful marina and the captain was ready to go. We had the opportunity to catch some bait and the mate through the cast net a few times while my kids helped load them into the baitwell. We were fishing within 10 minutes and the action was great. I was just happy to share this with my kids, but Captain David went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend you book Lady Pamela. We will be back!

Brian W.