Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing; Fred's big fish! - Fort Lauderdale Fishing Charters

Fort Lauderdale Sailfish Fishing; Fred's big fish!

December 30, 2010

December 23rd, 2010

Fred’s big fish in Fort Lauderdale

This Thursday afternoon we had 5 on a shared fishing charter; Fred, his wife and their friend along with James and his brother in law. Conditions were perfect for live bait kite fishing offshore; a hard north wind with a north swell and a rippin’ north current to go along. We left the dock at 1PM with live goggle eyes and trolling gear ready to get wet. We trolled to our destination and caught a few King Mackerel fish. Once we reached our spot just 5 miles north of Port Everglades in 130 ft of water, we popped the two SFE fishing kites in the air with live goggle eyes dancing on the surface. It wasn’t long before our spread interested a “window shopper” , meaning a Sailfish peaking around and not eating. Just minutes after our first fish disappeared, we hooked a double header and it was on. Fred’s fish was heading east and James’ fish was heading west. James fought his fish for over an hour while we managed to back down on Fred’s fish and call it a catch. As soon as we got the leader on James’ fish, we pulled the hook and the fish got away. James was bummed, but he got a taste of how an Atlantic Sailfish fights.

Pamela 4 crew Paul and Dave  

It was our first time charter fishing and was lucky enough( with the help of Dave and Paul) to catch a 89″ (7’5″) sailfish. I will be getting it full mounted and put it over by record size black bear on the wall. Dave and Paul went out of their way to make our experience one we will never forget. When we come back to town again we while definitely look you guys up  and see if we can catch a bigger one. (my wife says I am done fishing because we are running out of wall space) thanks again guys

Fred & Cheryl

Caro, Michigan

Fort Lauderdale Sailfishing with Fred

Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide



What An Adventure!

I never leave reviews, but we had such a good time, I wanted to share with others. Captain David and his guys are top notch, you can tell as soon as you pull up that you have booked a great trip. We went out with them in April 2015 and we were told this was one of the best months for fishing off South Florida. The captain decided to fly kites (amazing!) to dangle baits so that the fish can’t see the hooks. I have never seen this, but it was amazing to see them do it. Within a few minutes we had a first sailfish on and then another hit. A double header! We landed both fish and the day went on just like that. We were watching the baits dangle on the surface all day.  Other boats in the area were “trolling” and weren’t catching any. David said it was because the water was so clear that it was important to kite fish.  I highly recommend booking them.

Todd Yurke