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January 13, 2017

January 10, 2017

To start off the new year I want to give those of you who are not familiar with Lady Pamela II, a little background. Lady Pamela II sportfishing is one of the oldest and most reputable charter fleets in Broward County. As owner and captain, I am a third-generation fisherman from Fort Lauderdale who grew up fishing South Florida’s famous waters. I have extensive tournament and sportfishing fishing experience and am in demand as either a captain or mate on tournament boats.

My captains, mates, and I love to fish, and are ready to help you land that trophy catch. Last year we spent thousands of hours fishing, including kitefishing with live bait for sailfish, bottomfishing for snappers and groupers, trolling for kingfish, wahoo, and tuna, or fishing deep for trophy sharks. You name the fish and we have probably caught it! If you happen to be in the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood area and feel like fishing we’ll do our best to give the experience of a lifetime.

So far this year we have seen a fair number of sailfish caught off the kites, with kingfish and a lot a blackfin tunas being caught on the troll using bonito strips on spoons. Blackfin tuna, Lady Pamela II sportfishing’s fish of the week, are found as far north as Massachusetts, but are more abundant from North Carolina south through Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. They are true tunas of the Scombridae family, with the scientific name of Thunnus atlanticus.

Interestingly, much of the recent scientific information on blackfins has been generated right down the road from the Lady Pamela marina, at the fisheries lab of Nova Southeastern University in Dania, Florida. Research papers produced by Nova scientists have contributed much to the scientific and common understanding of blackfin tuna habitat, growth and reproduction.

The blackfin tunas we have been catching this week are running in the 10-20 lb range, which is a great size for nice fresh tuna steaks! The world record for this species is 49 pounds, 6 ounces, and was caught off Marathon, Florida in April 2006. Give us a call at Lady Pamela sportfishing and we’ll go try to break that record for you!

These Fish range from 2-15 lbs around fort lauderdale

Tight Lines,

Capt. David Ide

Lady Pamela 2 Sport Fishing



What An Adventure!

I never leave reviews, but we had such a good time, I wanted to share with others. Captain David and his guys are top notch, you can tell as soon as you pull up that you have booked a great trip. We went out with them in April 2015 and we were told this was one of the best months for fishing off South Florida. The captain decided to fly kites (amazing!) to dangle baits so that the fish can’t see the hooks. I have never seen this, but it was amazing to see them do it. Within a few minutes we had a first sailfish on and then another hit. A double header! We landed both fish and the day went on just like that. We were watching the baits dangle on the surface all day.  Other boats in the area were “trolling” and weren’t catching any. David said it was because the water was so clear that it was important to kite fish.  I highly recommend booking them.

Todd Yurke