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24 lb Mahi – Mahi caught on 30 lb Tackle fishing the Lady Pamela II in Fort Lauderdale

February 28, 2009

Thursday Afternoon, Keith and his family joined the Lady Pamela II for an eight hour expedition offshore Fort Lauderdale. Keith had a special request to hook his 85 yr old father up with a shark during their fishing trip. Within the first five minutes of trolling, a three ft Remora ate the bait. Keith and […]

Kingfish on the Troll – Ft Lauderdale Fishing Adventures

February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009 This morning Mike, Chris and Darryl set sail with the Lady Pamela II for some Hump Day Deep Sea Fishing. Wind is usually our enemy, but today it was in our favor. These conditions are perfect for landing the Ballerina of the Sea A.K.A. the Atlantic Sailfish. We saw kite fishing in […]

Here Lizard Fish! Lady Pamela II lands a unique catch

February 23, 2009

February 23, 2009 This afternoon, six people on a shared charter joined the Lady Pamela II crew for some Fort Lauderdale Deep Sea Fishing. We headed out the Inlet in search of live Speedos at the local buoy. Once we had a few Speedos in the boat, trolling gear was in the water and we […]

175 lb Daytime Swordfish caught offshore Fort Lauderdale, Florida

February 21, 2009

On Friday afternoon, the Lady Pamela II set sail with a family from Italy and a full day of fishing. We headed out Port Everglades trolling for Mahi – Mahi and Wahoo (we slipped in a Marlin bait just for fun). Fishing was quiet in the morning, not much was around. It was time to […]

Fort Lauderdale Offshore Smorgasbord

February 20, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon, the Lady Pamela II set sail with three people on a shared charter. We headed out the Inlet trolling with planner boards and fresh bonito strips in search of Kingfish. When we hit 150 ft of water the Kings were showing up in good numbers along with a few Blackfin Tunas ranging […]

45 lb Wahoo – Ft Lauderdale Offshore Fishing

February 20, 2009

On Wednesday afternoon, Larry, Garry and their buddies came fishing aboard the Lady Pamela II with Captain Paul at the helm and Captain Darin in the cockpit. The weather was beautiful, calm seas and clear skies. They headed out Port Everglades with trolling gear ready to go. Once they hit their first spot of the […]

Kingfish, Mahi-Mahi, Grouper & Amberjacks aboard the Lady Pamela II

February 19, 2009

February 19th, 2009 This morning Mr. Wise joined the Lady Pamela II for a full day of fishing offshore Fort Lauderdale. We started off the morning right, trolling for kingfish in 100 ft of water using planner boards and fresh bonito strips. After we had a handful of kings in the boat, we ran to […]

Black Grouper on the Shipwreck – Fishing Ft Lauderdale

February 19, 2009

Joel Esxer and his new bride fled the cold weather in Illinois and came down to Fort Lauderdale to spend their honeymoon. Our South Florida weather has been a bit chilly, reaching the low 40’s, but once the sunshine comes out it is absolutely gorgeous (beats snow any day of the week). We headed out […]

Fort Lauderdale Fishing – February 2009

February 16, 2009

Wind was our enemy for most of January and the beginning of February, but it has layed down since. With cold fronts passing through one after another in South Florida (40 degrees is brutal for us locals!), seas get a little choppy and the wind tends to linger, but the fish love it, especially the […]

South Florida Sailfish Showdown

February 13, 2009

January 15th, 2009 This morning we had a group of three from Russia visiting Ft Lauderdale, Florida. They had never been deep sea sportfishing, let alone been in the Atlantic Ocean. We headed out Shallow Harbor bright and early at 7 AM with live goggle eyes in the well. Once we hit open waters and […]


Awesome Tarpon Trip!

We booked Captain David to take us fishing inshore since my wife gets really seasick. He mentioned that the tide was really good on a particular date so we took it. My son caught his first tarpon about 50lbs along with a barracuda and we released a snook. The inshore waters of Fort Lauderdale are very scenic and Captain David showed us some amazing celebrities homes including Wayne Huizenga where we caught a tarpon right behind his house.  Very cool stuff.  David took measurements of the tarpon and my son now how it hanging in his room. The silver king!