Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Fishing on Saturday Night

August 8th, 2010

Swordfishing Report – Saturday Night Swordfishing Trip aboard the Lady Pamela III

Every Saturday night we run the Drift Fishing – Saturday Night Swordfishing Trip for $200 per person aboard the Lady Pamela III. We like to leave the dock at 6 PM sharp to ensure we are situated by sundown. Tonight, the rain caused us to leave at 7:30, but no biggie. Thanks to the flat calm seas, we ran 38 MPH all the way to Swordfish grounds; it made for a very comfortable ride for Andy, John, Sam and Anna. Once we reached our destination of 20 miles offshore Fort Lauderdale in the Gulfstream, we set up 2 recreational buoys and 5 rods with 130 International reels. Our first drift didn’t produce any bites. The current was rippin’ at 3.8 MPH so we packed up and moved 7 miles to the south. No nibbles there either. At 1 AM we were supposed to head back to the dock but Andy and I wanted to make another drift and try one last time. It was well worth it. At 3 AM we were pulling our gear and our last buoy was tight with a large Swordfish. We told John to put on the gloves; he was hand lining this one to the boat. He laughed. It took Tim 45 minutes to get the Swordfish to the boat. Andy threw the Harpoon and we called it a night. The Swordfish weighed in at 200 lb’s, 115″ overall length, 73″ short.

Fort Lauderdale Swordfish Fishing - Nighttime Swordfishing

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Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide