Fishing South Florida

Nov 16, 2011


This afternoon we went fishing with Kirk and his two sons, whom I had met on the dock the day before. They had told me they wanted to go fishing and I recommended an afternoon trip, as catches had been better later in the day. Kirk went with my judgment. The afternoon weather was calm on the way out, though we had to work our way through a pile of boats competing in the Sailfish Cup Tournament out of Miami Beach. Apparently fishing was slow in Miami and the word had gotten out that the fish were in Ft. Lauderdale. I think just about all the boats in the tournament had run up here to fish!


Regardless, we moved offshore, found an edge in 400 to 550 feet of water, and spent the afternoon right there, rolling in fish. There were plenty of mahi-mahi and little blackfin tunas working north and south along this edge. It was green water, with a little north current and we were trolling a few deep lines right on the edge. In addition to the mahi and tunas, we caught a nice 35 lb wahoo on a pink and white sea witch. Then, about three-quarters of the way through the charter, we hooked a huge sailfish while trolling. This was a tough fish that we fought for nearly an hour. Everybody was on the VHF radio calling to see if we had a blue marlin on, but we didn’t, we just had a huge sailfish that took a lot longer than usual to land. But we caught the big sailfish, and Kirk and his family were ecstatic to get this monster fish to the boat. They were used to fishing in lakes in Canada, catching 3to 4 lb fish, so this was really the experience of a lifetime. Good job Kirk! Can’t wait to take you guys fishing again!



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