Bahamas Charters

Ft Lauderdale is the gateway to the Bahamas. Due to the lack of local charter boats in the Bahamian islands, the best way to sportfish and cruise around in the islands is to charter a boat from Fort Lauderdale.

Between the skyscrapers of downtown Fort Lauderdale and the Grand Bahama Bank, lies Bimini, the island in the ‘Stream. The Gulfstream washes right past Bimini, keeping it’s coral reefs warm and basically serving as a roadyway for everything from 800lb Blue Marlin to schools of jumping porpuses.

Charter Fees and Expenses for a Bahamas Fishing Trip

Price Per Day = $1600.00 with 5 Day Cancellation or deposit not refunded.

Plus All Expenses, Including Fuel, Dockage, Customs Fees, Gratuity, and all other miscellaneous expenses pertaining to the fishing trip and or boat.

Only 50 nautical miles from the South Florida coastline, Bimini is well recognized for it’s emerald waters, pristine beaches and abundance of marine life. A couple miles long and a few hundred yards wide, you won’t be finding cruise ships or strip malls. It’s ultimate location makes Bimini a prime diving and fishing destination. Bimini is so physically close but truly another world.

Bimini can rightfully claim itself as the birthplace of sportfishing. As a matter of fact, the International Game Fish Association, the IGFA, was established in Bimini.

One of the best times of the year to visit the Bahamas is in the summer when the seas and weather are most favorable. The Bahamas offers a variety of fishing that is nearly endless, ranging from Snapper and Grouper on the reefs to giant Tuna and Marlin offshore. Dolphin, Spearfish, Wahoo, Amberjacks, Sharks, Barracuda, Sailfish, White Marlin and Blue Marlin are just a handful of fish commonly caught in the Bahamas.

If flats fishing is your game, arrangements can be made for local guides to put you on your quarry.

Customers have become very favorable towards this trip. It is the trip of a lifetime and well worth any cost.

Our minimum trip is three days and is perfect for the Islands of Bimini and Freeport, although the outer islands, also known as the family islands, offer a unique experience for those who have the extra time to explore a more low key and less traveled part of the Bahamas

For over 16 years, I have been traveling to the Bahamas on either weekend getaway’s or sportfishing expeditions. For 3 years, I lived aboard a charter boat in Bimini working as a mate full time.

Whether island hopping or participating in the prestigious sportfishing tournaments held in the Bahamas, the Lady Pamela II is the right choice for an unforgettable island experience.

Whatever your preference may be, our knowledgable crew make the perfect guides, as we are your gateway to the Bahamas.

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Awesome Tarpon Trip!


We booked Captain David to take us fishing inshore since my wife gets really seasick. He mentioned that the tide was really good on a particular date so we took it. My son caught his first tarpon about 50lbs along with a barracuda and we released a snook. The inshore waters of Fort Lauderdale are very scenic and Captain David showed us some amazing celebrities homes including Wayne Huizenga where we caught a tarpon right behind his house.  Very cool stuff.  David took measurements of the tarpon and my son now how it hanging in his room. The silver king!